Weight Loss Bracelet - Here's how it works

         Here's how the ORIGINAL
                  Weight Loss Bracelet   
                            Helps you lose weight   

The Weight Loss Bracelet has a center section
with a thin lady on one side, and a heavier lady
on the other side.

The ladies on your Weight Loss Bracelet will help you lose weight.

     Photo shows BOTH SIDES of Weight Loss Bracelet

Throughout your day, look at the two women on your Weight Loss Bracelet.

The heavier lady reminds you that you have a pretty face,
and loving family and friends. Now, you just need to lose
a few pounds to have it all.

The thinner lady shows how you will look when you start
following her advice about eating "real food."

Weight Loss Bracelet

    Please note that we are
    offering ONE two-sided
    (thin lady side, heavy
    lady side) Weight Loss
    Bracelet for $23.50 (US
    sales). We are NOT 
    offering two Weight Loss
    Bracelets for $23.50.


              The next page tells you what the first step is
                               TO  LOSE  WEIGHT
         It costs nothing. It really works. Please give it a try!

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