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This technique may help you achieve your goal of looking and feeling good. It costs you nothing---so please give it a try!
The "old you," "new you" behavior-modification technique is described in his book on The Inner Game of Tennis © 1974 by
W. Timothy Gallwey, Random House. Coach Gallwey had a student who said she had a bad backhand all her life and there was nothing she could do about it---nothing.
The coach told her, "OK, the 'old you' had a bad backhand all her life. But that was the 'old you.' The 'new you' is going to follow my instructions and her backhand is going to improve." The student listened to Coach Gallwey and, by practicing 
correctly, her backhand improved, the coach explained in his

So, I thought I would try the "old you,"new you" technique to quit smoking. I had nothing to lose except a habit that killed people. One memorable day, many years ago, I told myself the "old me" had smoked for decades---but that was the "old me." The "new me" would not be a smoker. That's when I threw my last pack of cigarettes into a trash container at Cleveland Hopkins Airport---and never smoked again.
It sounds too simple to be true. Other factors may have entered in. Perhaps it was because I had seen many people lugging around oxygen tanks when they shopped. Or, because I had read articles, or heard knowledgeable people on TV talk about why smoking was slow suicide. Or, the fact the government no longer permitted tobacco advertising on TV because it is such a deadly habit.
For whatever or reasons, I finally "wised up" and realized that I was walking around in the only body I was going to have---and I had better take care of it. That's when the "old me" threw his last pack of cigarettes into a trash container---
and the "new me" never touched another cigarette! 
NOW, about the problem you may be having with trying to look and feel better: You are going to tell yourself that you love doughnuts and have always had them for breakfast. Or, that you can't have a meal without soda pop to wash down your food. Or, that dousing your salads and sandwiches with condiments containing ingredients only a chemist can pronounce can't be that bad for you. Or, there is no danger in eating fried foods. Or, that processed meat items can't be harmful or the government wouldn't allow them to be sold.
The "old you"  may have been deceiving herself for years. You can't change the past. What happened one second ago back to the time you were born can't be changed.
However, what happens from this instant forward is entirely up to you! Start now to make the right food choices so you can look and feel the way you want to, the way you deserve to. And to wake up each morning a "new you"---thinner, healthier, happier, and enjoying life to the fullest.
Because the "new you" will eat smarter and follow current nutritional information---it's in newspapers, books, magazines, on TV and the internet. 
Do not be deceived by Satin's serpent as Eve was---into eating food you know is forbidden for health reasons. But be warned! Some-
where in your past, or in your subconscious, the Serpent lurks! 
It is the same Serpent that beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden by telling her she could eat what she knew was forbidden.
But the "new you" is stronger and smarter than the "old you," and will not be deceived by anyone, or any commercial, or by the Devil himself---into eating foods she knows will not help her achieve her goal of looking and feeling good. There is no greater gift you can give yourself than enjoying a healthy, happy life with family and friends!

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